most of you who are looking at this know me, if you dont, were gonna keep it that way. hmm so, about me huh? well i am a brunette, thats cool? people tell me i'm pretty... so i mean if you think otherwise go ahead! urr my eyes change green and gray ummm hmm i like art... and music and i dont know what i want and i am holding on to something that i cant get back thats me in a nutshell

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Let me know that You hear me Let me know Your touch Let me know that You love me And let that be enough

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Jan 10, 2004

GAH!I spent like all last night thinking about him and I still cant stop thinking about him.... hes like idk burned in my brain or something and its sad because i havent seen him for like 5 months and that is DAMN SAD and no no wait I saw him once in november but that was like for 2 seconds and nothing that i wanted to say to him got out! agh!

well last night chelsea and I went to the movies, it was fun?  guess you could say, we saw chasing liberty... chick flick MOST DEFF, which is what i ike, but I thought it was really good! and i have been going insane looking for the song titles of the songs in the movie... GR!
hmm, i had a wierd dream about shoes and a mental hospital or something like that last night... WEIRD!
we most deff shoule have gotten out of school i mean some idiot could have died driving and yesterday was a total waste of snow... what good that fell was gone bye school ended!
i am most def. runnin out of thins to say so. buh bye!

Posted at 07:33 am by Xtine
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Jan 8, 2004

well.... i am not gonna spend much time on this because see.... i have like a half hour and then I hav to leave well then that gives me some time??


Well everyone is our little town knows about Hope and how she has left us to be with God, we all love how her dream that all the other children at make a wish are going to have their wishes to come true, even tho she has left us its not the end when we leave to we will be able to go and see her. I feel really bad because I didnt know the family and we all NEED to pray for the Stouts!!

 Well, Graphs are always fun!! yah know hmm Alex has got to be the coolest because he is the ONL guy in my interior design class!

 Well geometry is always funn! lets see theres all theses coooooool people! and we learn cool things and are teacher gets soo excited... yah math ISNT great!

 And have you ever herd of the civilization called CAKE?? well um thats because it isnt real! me Abby Carter and EMMY made it up! and I know we got an a on our project!! and everyone loves CAKE



Can you soooo tell that I really have nothing to say.. that I am just being stupid???



I'll tell you when I learn to be MORE interesing

Posted at 01:32 pm by Xtine
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